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High Five VIP rev 7510



Dear clients, working on high fives goes very fast pace, left new Ctabl audit during the last days of our work : 7510


for Details, read here:


don't forget about new year's discounts. Read here:


sincerely, Yuri !



Christmas discounts and extension of the support


 Dear customers, happy New Year, wish you success in your work in the coming year, and we are glad to offer several options of new year discounts:


1. All old clients for all the services our Studio in the period from 31 December to 10 January we offer discount 20%


2. All new customers on all services Studio in the period from 31 December to 10 January we offer a discount of 10%


3. Extension of technical support at assemblies is mandatory for all clients in the period from 31 December to 10 January and is discounted 20%. Those who don't extend before January 10, the support will be disabled from the forum, please at this time to all the clients to implement the extension in time.


4. All new registered in the system our Studio gives opportunity in honor of the new year to get a discount on the Commission.


For all who uses our promo code, the Commission will be 5% instead of 6...


Details on obtaining rebates read here:


sincerely, Yuri !



Updated test server High Five VIP


Dear customers and those who want to buy our Assembly High Five VIP, please be informed that our test server has been updated to the latest audit 7448.


Before purchasing a assemblage, do not be lazy and go to our test server and test whatever you need.


Website test server:

Detailed description of the Assembly: HERE


sincerely, Yuri !



New Year - discount NextPay. Stock.



Dear new customers, all new registered in the system our Studio gives opportunity in honor of the new year to get a discount on the Commission.


For all who uses our promo code, the Commission will be 5% instead of 6...


Details on obtaining rebates read here:


sincerely, Yuri !



Web sistemka "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"


Dear customers, your attention is invited to the WEB system, unique in its kind.


you All know TV game " Who wants to be a millionaire? "We will be reunited together the idea of earning admin, the game Who wants to be a millionaire and the game LineAge 2.


This script works in the following ways:


1. the Player enters and begins to answer the questions

2. Each question has a bet

3. Rate this any in-game currency, for example COL

4. Only 15 questions, each more difficult than another.

5. On each question you can set up any number of questions. That is, for 1 it may possibly be variations is unlimited, and so for each next.

6. 5 ohms of the stops on the fireproof money and invited to register by sending an SMS. The system is SMS sending are synchronized with the payment system .

7. After sending them SMS receives a confirmation code and a person may continue to answer questions or to pick up a fireproof amount.

8. SMS need to earn money by your administrator

9. in Addition to sending SMS on the 5th question, you can organize any additional earnings. For example, we have implemented sending SMS with a hint about the correct answer.

10. If you saw on TV this game, there are 3 hints we made 4ую the tip via SMS with unlimited help.

Send SMS people can repeatedly. Think more to explain makes no sense, because the preferences of our customers may be different. Any options for the distribution of prizes, the cost of SMS and TA. negotiated with clients individually. We will do exactly as you need.


Example script can only look at while on our website:



script Cost of 5000 rubles.

redemption Full script from the site 15,000 rubles.


For customers and our regular customers the cost 4000 rubles

the Installation script is done either by our forces free of charge , or your own written manual. The price of the script includes the design for the game LineAge2 standard. Price design to suit your individual order 3000 rubles.

When buying a script, the connection to payment systems is free of charge and all work is done under the key, regardless of your online server. You can buy this script for only one ACE in the world: 9-013-612 Yuri !




Epilogue VIP rev 1398


Dear customers, we spread the description of a new audit, that the main did recently, based on your tickets.


Topical revision 1398 Assembly for L2-Scripts Epilogue VIP


More about roar 1398:


+Implemented template shop for low rates for a STAKE in the community Board.
If a person uses a skill on another target in the duel, the duel is terminated.
*Skill Recharge counts as one transfer skills
*Fixed the time in temporary things (to be ranked in seconds)
*Another edit in the formulas consumption MP
*Skills with target "Summon" not castouts on Pets, but only on Samonov.
*When you first log into the game MP should be a full
+Config to ban the locking of the user, if he typed a couple of times a wrong password (good for those who use filters from Brutus)
*New formula for computing the consumption of MP by ticks
*New formula to calculate the increase in MP ticks
*New formula to calculate the increase in MP levels
*fixed a problem with the increase of MP in almorah (it was not the right order)
*When you buy 3 with proffy ALTB - added items profam: cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shillien Saint.
*Fixed all the formulas related to the gain/obuvki MP, what is written in the CML file it will be in the game (critical bugfix)
*Prohibited skills that should not be used at the Olympic games, including scrolls, potion, somany Pets and some Samonov.
*Fixed bug with high attack pet (attack, stop, attack....stop)
*verify the availability of the quest 234_FatesWhisper when taking sub-class (for pvp servers that Lowe is not affected)
*For the mass sportical skills are not
*fixed a skill MP ticks, do not require more rabid consumption MP
*Fix skills for chronic tick, you don't want mad flow/arrival of CP
*Fix skills for CPU ticks, you don't want mad flow/parish of CPU
*Fix Quest _604_DaimontheWhiteEyedPart2 - Delivered test on cond, that did not cause the RB endlessly
*Fix community/ Thing and Col in things to buy Noblesse were mixed 

More about the Assembly here described:


sincerely, Yuri !



High Five rev 7448


Dear customers, we spread the description of a new audit, that the main did in recent days.


Topical revision 7448 Assembly for L2-Scripts High Five VIP


More about roar 7448:


+Add all augmentation jewellery (global revision augments missing)
*When the server starts, calculated the difference between the beginning and the end of the auction, and not offered initially, the end date as the beginning of the auction* 7 days
*Run start TV, every two weeks for the locks.
*If we got out of the zone with the flag in his hands (on TV), we have 15 minutes to return to the area, or the flag will be moved to the starting point.
*After teleport players to the Olympics - give 5 seconds and then again regenon participants with complete stats (with video off)
*+Modified system of the second authorization.(second authorization) Protectino.
*fixed the quest ID 618 (not accepted)
*edit blessed earring Zaken - loss Supplement - protection from dark forces.
*If caste skill was made 50% or more of total cast time, and the target goes around the corner (ie not visible), all the damage gets exactly the goal, regardless of the location.
+Added function drop grinding (joined forces with celebrated) a certain level depending on sharpening things (configs)
*Minor fixes in scripts.
*Another check to the participant of the Olympic games for the opening ALTB
*Clings check the community for opening for all services (buffer, teleport etc) that do not exploit the system.
*Epic Bijou Zaken - cannot insert drug
*fixed Saving of event Snowman now sravnitsa to the public arena
*edit things that throw off your reuse at exactly 6:30 every day.
+ Written a full and accurate list of the GM commands to help admins and game masters it is for our assembling.
+Inner mod (for future works): racial chat.
*the Method of calculating the same race.
*Internal config of the mod (not active)
*For TVT and other the doubles competition can make the party (only if you are from the same team)
+Added system messages if a player owns a cursed weapon and regaetsya on TVT
*fixed crit chance Elegia [Pvp sets]
*quest Rule 136 && 032 at different rates.
*TvT - After the end of the tournament all players are sent back where they came from.
*In TVT, you cannot participate with a cursed weapon.
*Fix the names of things (buying Profy)
*Register new commands static.
*test for correct handling of time TV
*Fix getting the best accounts on the festival, if there are things that are not allowed unless you pass them/removes


More about the Assembly here described:


sincerely, Yuri !



Attention - swindler


Dear customers and future users, I want to warn you about the appearance of careless waste, which created a similar account of Skype and helpless people on our behalf.


I made the correction in the description of the contacts on our website to avoid confusion.


note - Login of Skype.


 - L2scripts  - Here NO NEED to write... (locked)

 - urchika1 - Here NO NEED to write...

 - z-urchika - Here NO NEED to write...


If anyone of you has already become the subject of a divorce for money, please inform us. Upon presentation of evidence and information about this person, discounts for our products.


sincerely, Yuri !



Flash and Java games for all tastes



Dear visitors of our Studio, we present to your attention the list of games available on our site.

list any genres, and each of you will find your favorite game.


the Full list of games that you can find on our gaming site:


If you are bored and have nothing to do, welcome.


Also , do not forget that on this site actively is the MBT of our assemblies.

At the moment , you can make sure in the build quality HF, going into the game.

the Server is available around the clock 7 days a week.


sincerely, Yuri !

Closed sale Frey assembly


Dear users, news about Freya build.


Sale and development of closed due to irrelevance data Chronicles!!!

Support for the old customers of this Assembly - still valid.


If someone really need this Assembly, we sell it is:


 5 000 rubles without technical support and without bindings.

it is Also possible to purchase the source code for 30 000 rubles.


Details about the Assembly here:


With respect. Yuri !


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