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Goddess Of Destruction - Soon a global update



Dear customers for the Assembly of Goddess Of Destruction, apologize for the long decision of tasks in view, but things are looking up.


next week comes out a global update of pre-release, where it accounted for 70% of all sold tickets and 80% of all content GOD.


We translated the Assembly 411 on a client Protocol Ruoff PTS and is now fully working on updating the Harmony.


the Request all to get in advance clients and patches from Harmony and wait already soon...


In relation to the issuance of the new patch, contact me in Skype. Urchika


sincerely, Yuri !


Temporary interruption of the site



Dear customers, we apologize for the inconvenience.

 connection with massive attacks on our website competitors, have disruptions in the operation of our site.

At the moment the site is operating normally.

About all the interruptions of the operation of the site please indicate directly in ICQ or Skype me.


sincerely, Yuri!


High Five rev 9278



Dear customers, out for additional audit build High Five Roar 9278. Update ask the programmer. In addition includes a large PAC on the localization, more than 1000 dialogues.


Details here:


Test server also updated to the latest version 9278.

welcome prior to purchase of the assemblies, You can test it.


sincerely, Yuri !


Extending the support



Dear customers, we kindly ask You to promptly renew your support for our Assembly:


At the moment of extension of the support are only required from clients build High Five and an epilogue  customers GOD in the renewal do not need, for them everything remains free of charge.


Please all clients and HF Epilogue, to pay for the extension until may 5


currently epilogue is fully implemented, only those support and detailed expressions.


currently High Five is fully implemented, only those support and detailed expressions.


assembling - we are actively working on the implementation and technical support, the Assembly is still being finalized.


sincerely, Yuri !



L2-scripts Goddess of Destruction rev 1226



Dear customers, we have released a new revision of the Assembly Goddess of Destruction rev 1226. Pack ask a programmer.


Details here:


sincerely, Yuri !


L2-scripts High Five rev 9230



Dear customers, we have released a new revision of the Assembly 9230 Roaring High Five. Pack ask a programmer.

 Global update and support renewals will be as usual from 1 to 5 may.


Details here:


sincerely, Yuri !


Collaboration with the studio




Dear visitors of our website, for all, who knows how in the field of lineage2 anything to do with their hands, we offer cooperation !


We invite you to fruitful cooperation of designers, java programmers, databaserow, HTML-coders, experienced players, flash animators, php, html programmers and anyone who has in its portfolio any works but can't find a use for them.


If you have scripts, designs, systems that You have written and You are not able to implement them in his work, his earnings, then you are welcome to us.


We offer you a number of benefits:


1. You describe, your existing work.

2. Provide full information on your product.

3. We check the information, test your product (on agreement in each case), analyzed the demand for it.

4. If the product satisfies the common interest, we have discussed with You the price and percentage of sales.

5. After full confidence in your honesty and the quality of your product, we publish detailed information about your product on our website.

6. terms of accommodation with us your products are negotiated separately in each case individually.


Approximate calculation is designed so that You receive 50-70% of each sale. Other options are possible. We take into account all Your wishes and build pricing policy so that it fully satisfies Your needs and Your energy costs.


If you have a product that requires the Studio to clients constant technical support, the modalities for clients also discussed.


options as with individuals and with legal.

the Possible options given in written form.


All cooperation should be fully transparent and honest, both on our part and Yours.


All our customers can be completely confident in the quality of such services, for the control of these partners will be fully on us, we are guarantee of the quality of services provided.


In the near future this cooperation will be fully automated on our website, in the meantime, please contact me at ICQ 9-013-612 or Skype, specified on the website.


So, we invite talented people to a fruitful mutual cooperation.


sincerely, Yuri !


L2-scripts Gracia Epilogue ViP rev 3500



Dear customers, we released a new revision of our build Epilogue


Rev 3500


Details here:


sincerely, Yuri !

l2-scripts GOD rev 1013



Dear customers, we released a new revision of our build GOD


Rev 1013


Details here:


sincerely, Yuri !

l2-scripts High Five VIP rev 9148



Dear customers, we released a new revision of our build HIGH FIVE VIP


Rev 9148


Details here:


For those who did not extend support, the update will not be issued.


sincerely, Yuri !


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